1 weighted cable crunch

resistance to his crunches, to increase the thickness and density of his abs

2 flat bench leg tucks

lean back at 45 degrees. bring legs and upper body together in a pike movement

3 lying leg raises

when you reach exhaustion, change to knee raises. at the end of your reps, hold and squeeze the abs you can even add a vacuum hold to fully exhaust the abs

4 hanging leg raises

tense the upper body and keep it steady as you raise your legs to add a twist to work the obliques Rajesh says abs are made 50% in the gym, 50% in the kitchen

5 ab wheel roll outs

working the full core, go as near to horizontal as possible for variation twist to the left, then right and center

6 weighted Russian twist

with bent knees, create V shape with thighs and torso twist torso, touching plate to the floor on either side


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