Arm workout Programs (dumbbell only!) 2019

EXERCISE 1: Incline dumbbell curl

Arm workout (dumbbell only!)Arm workout (dumbbell only!)

be sure to have a good muscle mind connection and squeeze and contract on every rep

EXERCISE 2: dumbbell hammer curl

Arm workout (dumbbell only!)Arm workout (dumbbell only!)

bring your elbow forward slightly on eve rep and really focus on the contraction

EXERCISE 3: concentration curls

Arm workout (dumbbell only!)Arm workout (dumbbell only!)

be sure to have a good muscle mind connection and bring your elbow forward while squeezing and contracting on every rep

EXERCISE 4: palm up curls

 EXERCISE 4: palm up curlsEXERCISE 4: palm up curls

keep your elbows close to your body and your hands together this will put more stress on the bicep muscle


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Biceps workout that’s all about frying bis, brachialis, and forearms throughout. Moves below, details in audio: ****************************** 1) curl work: 8-12 reps, superset w/ plate top-grip hammer curls til tech failure. 4 sets. 2) kneeling halfway pause and rotate hammer curls: 8-10 reps per set. 3 sets 3) spider curl mechanical dropset: 8-10 reps peak pause spider curls, then hammer spider curl reps til tech failure. 3 sets per arm. ****************************** Got a workout question you want me to answer? DM me and check out my IG stories. I’m aiming to answer one there every day possible. ***************************** Like my training style but not sure where to start, or do you just want a more home-friendly version? Check out my workout video program, The New Rules of Muscle. It’s 5 30-minute workouts you can do with only dumbbells and an adjustable bench and it’s a strong entry point into my training style. It’s available at the link in my bio. #fitness #training #ebandswole #arm workout #fullworkout #everydayisarmday #newrulesofmuscle

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